Reading a Micrometer
How to read an inch micrometer
     Practice on reading an inch micrometer
How to read a vernier micrometer
     Practice on reading a vernier micrometer

SSU Volt 1 SSU Volt 2 SSU Volt 3 SSU Volt 4 SSU Volt 5
Basic Relay 1 Basic Relay 2 Basic Relay 3 Basic Relay 4 Basic Relay 5 Basic Relay 6 Basic Relay 7
Ford Ford T4 Horn T4 No Light T4
Simple Light 1 Simple Light 2 Simple Light 3 Simple Light 4 Simple Light 5
Horn Test 1 Why No Lights 1 Why No Lights 2 Test 6a Test 6b Test 6c
Test No Crank 1 Test No Crank 2 Test No Crank 3 Test No Crank 4 Test No Crank 5 Test No Crank 6
Test Slow Crank 1 Test Slow Crank 2 Test Slow Crank 3 Why No Crank Why No Crank 2 Why No Lights

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