The Pros of a Gap Year

Supporters say a gap year can be a great way for students to recharge their battery, mature, find clarity in their life and gain valuable experience, in essence giving them an edge over other students.
Supporters say volunteering abroad or in a field of interest provides students valuable experience that will give them the edge in the job market. They say equally as important, it helps clarify whether that is the path they want to pursue at all. That clarity, they say, provides a big benefit regardless of the decision, either saving them money in what could have been wasted tuition or fueling their motivation and excitement to return to school and pursue a given career.thumbsup



The Cons of a Gap Year
Gap year opponents fear once students leave the educational setting and get a taste of the ‘real world’, they may never want to go back to the stress, structure and rigor of academic life. They say students who work, may start to enjoy making money as opposed to spending it on tuition. Often those students lose sight of the fact that further education is an investment that actually increases their earning power.
Opponents say without a clear cut plan, students who take gap years often end up wasting that time and falling further behind their peers, which can lead to frustration and stress for both the student and their family.
Even with a clear cut and properly executed plan, opponents say a gap year can be expensive, adding to student debt and sometime making college harder to afford.thumbsdown