Ashley's Bio Page

A little knownledge on a girl learning to code.

A Little School Background

I was born in Lincoln City, Oregon, but I grew up in Corvallis Oregon. I graduated from Corvallis High School in 2015. I'm now attending college at Linn Benton Community College. It's my 7th term here. How is it possible that I just graduated High School, but have so many college term under my belt? In my senior year of high school, I was in Running Start Program. It is a program that is run through my high school and lets high school students take classes at Linn Benton Community College while still in high school. Then if you want to you may go for an advantance high school diplmoa that has 36 high school credits instead of 24. I did just that, and recieved my advance high school diplmoa in the Spring of 2015.

My School & Career Goals

My goals for college is to first decide what I want to do with computer. Do I want to work with software or hardware. I'm lending to softward, but then again I have worked with software more. However, to help me decide, I am taking a wide variety of computer science courses here at LBCC. I'm going to finish my to associates degrees here at LBCC then transfer to OSU, or I might dual enroll and get one associate at LBCC and one bachelor's degree at OSU.

My Interests

The Walking Dead

Ashley wearing a Walking Dead Hoodie

I'm VERY into the T.V. show, The Walking Dead. I actually watch it when it airs. Who even does that anymore with shows anymore? I started watching it when the first season came to Netflix. Every following season, I watched when they aired on Sunday. I've recently started reading the comics. I'm actually enjoying them! The story follows some of the same events, but during the events differnt people survive. For me, it's like reading about another world in The Walking Dead universe. I'm also really excited for the spin-off series, Fear The Walking Dead, to air this upcoming summer. To the right is me in my Walking Dead hoodie getting ready to watch The Walking Dead last season. I should take a new picture of this season, but who has time when watching The Walking Dead.


I love being in Nature or as much as I can get even if it's just a trail in a park that's surrounded by trees and the open sky. For school, I have to wake up early. I wake up before the sun even rises. My absolute favorite part of the day is watching the sun rise. Even if I can only get a little glimps from behide the Oregon Clouds. My favorite sunrise was when the sun was hiding behind the clouds and then it started sprinkling and a double rainbow came up in the opposite direction of the sunrise. It was pure bliss.

My Animals

I have a pit-bull mix that I got at the Humane Society when I was in 5th grade. Her name when we got her was Gemma, but we dropped the 'G' and just call her Emma. However she is almost fully deaf, so she doesn't answer to it. We do a lot of hand signals. Some for calling her, but most of them are for tricks. A lot of people think that pit-bulls are a dangerous breed, it's just how thay are raised.

My cat Corina, in her princess tent.

My boyfriend's cat now also likes me more than him. I've never had a cat as a kid because my dad is deathly allergic. Her name is Corina. In a way, she is my first cat even if she's not mine.

My Family

A collage of three picture. The first my boyfriend, Dustin, and my in our Beaver gear. The second my father and me at half time, and the last one if the football players practicing before the game started. Over the collage it says Game Day! in bold orange letters.

My Family and I moved here to Corvallis from the Oregon Coast right before I started grade school. I finished all of my schooling in Corvallis. My younger sister, Courtney, is also doing all of her school in one town, but she started her high school at Corvallis High, but is now doing online school. Since both of my parents moved from school to school as kids they made sure that we never did. My dad and mom met back on the Oregon Coast got married and had me and my sister.

In the 10th grade, I met who would become my boyfriend. I thought he looked to old to be in high school, but later I learned that he was actually younger than me by six months. We started dating at the beginning of my senior year of high school, his junior year. We have been together for two years now, and engaged for one year. Even though we are engaged and excited to get married, we have agreed to wait until we are older and I have graduated College to say I do.


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