Delaney Spellman

About Me

I am a Graphic Design major at OSU and I plan to go into freelance web design after graduation.

To tell you a little about myself I would have to start with the fact that have many hobbies. Some of them include art, tennis, snowboarding, lifting weights (not cardio, I hate cardio), video games, playing ukulele and guitar badly, and doing anything outdoors (i.e. fishing and hiking). I grew up in a small town so I learned how to make my own fun. I love graphic design because I like to be creative and make “pretty things”, but I don’t want to be a “starving artist”. Even though art is my strong suit I don't understand nor could explain to you why people feel emotions or try to think of what the artist was trying to portray in an abstract painting. So don’t ask me. Though, I can make up a pretty good story about how a painting makes me feel, art classes gave me plenty of practice. Most people would describe me as extremely sarcastic, stoic, organized, nice, and likes to speak in obscure movie quotes.

Favorite Websites

Assignment 8


Assignment 8