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Dyan Nash was born in Springfield, OR on 1994. She was the last child of three; Dale and Dana. She graduated from Newport High School in 2013 and started a new slate. Currently, she is attending Oregon State University and having a partnership with Linn Benton Community for the third year. Recently her major changed from Fitness and Nutrition to Child Development and a minor in Visual Arts, soon to be a teacher. Already having teaching experience since 2007, while teaching a martial arts school to children and adult. She earned her adult black belt in 2013 and still loves teaching students to defend themselves and to have fun. She enjoys helping others and throwing/fighting/training.Karate was her main inspiration to move towards teaching kids and staying active. Besides Kenpo, she works at Fred Meyer with her fiance, Jacob Hillman.

She met Jacob Hillman on October 4, 2009; high school lovers. Surprisingly, they met online and it was risk she didn't regret. She does everything with him and her small dog, Tahiti. They own a seven year old long haired Chihuaha, that they saved from her sister. This has been rough because the apartment didn't allow dogs and doesn't have washer and dryer. She suffers from anxieties and without her Boo it is hard to cope. Family is everything to her, even though her parents are divorced, she charishes them both; even her step dad Brian. Dyan enjoys playing videogames with friends and Jacob. She enjoys mmorpgs and also common consoles like: League of Legends, SWTOR, ESO, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, DBZ, Xbox, Sega, PS, etc. Jacob was the one that got her into role playing games like ESO and SWTOR. When it comes to games, she is picky with visual/graphics being an artist.

The other thing she really enjoys in life is art, specifically visual arts. All her life she drew, watching cartoons inspired her to improve. The genre she uses is, charcoal, pencil, color pencil, acrylics and lastly, photoshop. Creating digital portraits of characters she makes or other characters.

Art Examples

Avarie Undertaker Kalista Sesylia
The Force is strong with you. A powerful Sith you will become.

-Darth Sidious

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Dyan Victoria Nash

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