My Page Layout Thoughts

------------------------------------------Don't Make Me Think----------------------------------------

"Happy Talk Must Die" - Steve Krug


Prior to taking this Web Dev class I have never really played around with HTML or CSS3, well actually maybe a bit back in 2005 with the hole Myspace era. During the reading of the book “Don’t Make Me Think” I was able to get a better perspective of what to try and avoid and not letting the page be too crowded with junk.

For the Short story assignment and the bio/page I was taking into account to keep the page “simple”, By this I began the bio page to add some main components specially from Adobe color schemes. While reading about the new game “The Division” by Tom Clancy’s I realized that their layout of the colors really looked good.

Short Story

Further from that I placed my name and a picture that would represent me personality outside of school or work. Then a horizontal bar to keep the page fluid to allow the visitors to move from place to place without too much searching. In the book “Don’t Make Me Think” one key point was to keep things clear and easy to understand (To the Point).

On the section of the Short Story I changed things a bit to move the chapter horizontal bar on top and the tittle of the story bellow. My thinking for doing this was to allow the reader to see right away the number of chapters available, plus if it was reader returning to continue to read to have the option to click the chapter they wanted to read thus immediately moving the reader to the chapter selected. Lastly at the bottom of the Story page I placed a (back to top) link to move the user to top of the page.