Mountain Biking

During the warmer months of the year or during the winter time, I take it upon myself to enjoy the beautiful outdoors that the North West has to offer to get some biking done.

I think that mountain biking is the best sport in the world because it combines the “cardio high” of an endurance sport with the flow and adrenaline rush of an action sport like AutoCross or Paintbaling. The combination of these opposites creates a sport that demands things of its participants that no other sport does. I’ve had some of my greatest moments of thinking on "the fly" as my brain struggled for oxygen from running all the cardio and I’ve had some of my greatest moments of “flow” ripping single track on the way back down. Read more


Super Game, Oregon

Nothing like a good paintball game to put into practice all thoes hours we spend playing first person shooters and other strategy games to see if we gain a bit of inside on how to sneak up on someone or a group of people. Read More


Costa Rica

Every three to five years our entire family makes plans to visit our home country costa Rica and visit the family that live there. It’s really great to have a home to go to away from the U.S and reset from the everyday routine of school and a full time job.


My wife and I, a few years ago took a trip to Maui, Hawaii. The reason for our trip is that I have never in my 25 plus years have never taken a trip there.