Don't Make Me Think!

Don't make me think.

Websites and webpages should be user "friendly" and not aggrevating. What the user is looking for should be right up front and easy to find. All navigation, text-fields, buttons should be easy to find and easy to read. People won't be coming back to your page if they have a bad experience visiting your site.

How we really use the web.

People want to find what they are looking for quickly. Almost everyone hates hurry-up-and-wait.

Billboard design 101.

Placing emphesis on what your page is about is important. Use headers in a heiarcheal method. Use divsions to separate and place text. Make sure clickable links are "easy" to find.

Billboard design 101.

Some assistance may be required. Make sure everying is clear, present, easy to find, and usable.

Billboard design 101.

The last thing you want to do is to be to wordy. This means "everything" including instructions or directions. Don't let you "main" content get lost in a sea of endless words.

Street signs and bread crumbs.

Users need to know where they are, were they are going, and were they have been. Should they ask or just browse? Your "signs" should be clear and easy to find and read. Remember the whole time a user is at your site they are keep track of how well you are doing. Do these guys know there stuff or faking it. You want an A+ in this category. Make it a pleasure to return and shop again.

Don't Make Me Think