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A Short Biography of Derral W Hunt

I am 65 years of age born on August 18th, 1950 in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, California. At age 13 my family moved to Albany, Oregon. I attended Memorial Middle School and the West Albany High School, the class of 1969. I dropped out of high school in my senior year October 1968 and joined the United States Marine Corps during the Viet Nam war era. After bootcamp in infantry training I was trained to be a M60 machine gunner and was on my way to Viet Nam when I got a change of orders that sent me back to MCRD, San Diego. Once there, I attended various electronic schools until I graduated an Aviation Radar Repairman in April of 1969. For years later I went back to school and became an Aviation Radar Technician. I taught basic electrics for two years at 29 Palms, California and then was discharged honorably and returned to Albany, my home town.

My first experience with a personal computer was when my brother Terry bought me a Comador 64 computer that had a cassette tape for memory storage. I soon learned to program in basic and machine language and ended up making a couple of games for my son Joseph. Years later while at a VA Facility I got involved with the PCs at the library which were running Windows 98 OS. Soon I was showing other veterans how to created and use an email account, surf the web, and chat in chat rooms. I bought a copy of Microsoft Front Page and learned how to develop and publish webpages and websites. Soon I was making websites for friends who had bought domain names for business, pleasure, research, and spiritual matters. I consider myself an amateur web developer and still have one active website for Vets Helping Vets HQ, an organization consisting of volunteers who help veterans get their benefits and helps the families of veterans and active service members. The web address is

It is time for all good men to stand up and do the right thing.

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