Andrew Hughes

My name is Andrew Hughes, although really it should be Smith. I live with my father, two cats, three mice, three chickens, and an under the porch opossum with my lovely wife, Robbin, in Jefferson. I am an easygoing person with hopes for a huge garden this spring, one with enough bounty to preserve and enjoy throughout the winter.

Ever since the 6th grade when I got my first computer I have been fascinated with the internet and video games. This fascination of course is what has led me to this class. It is my hope that with knowledge in web-development I can either work for a company or free-lance for small businesses and continue my exploration into the world of computers.

Amidst the currently barren garden plots in my backyard lies a 1978 International Loadstar 1603, better known as 'The Short Bus.' At 23 foot long and only partially completed, the work left to reach my goal of transforming it into the ultimate road trip machine is obvious, but I am not one to be discouraged! The freedom of the web development and database management field is a huge bonus to me as I plan to use education to give myself a location independent job so my wife and I can blow around in the wind.

Jefferson, OR