Thomas Hansen: Highlights: 2015

grass and sky
I'm still on the green side of the grass!


Thomas Hansen

Me on a good day!
Hansen Family Crest
Family Crest

If you don't know who I am then you are either very distntly related or you are on the wrong page!

In any case you are welcome.

For those who do not know I am Tom son of Worf, son of Mogh, son of Worf, of the House of Martok by way of a time loop. And here is my family crest.

For those who are curious here is a picture of me before the surgeons got started.

Klingon Baby before operation
Adorable wasn't I?

Anyway, I am not a spy, I just have weird parentage.

Currently I am still looking for a job in a library in Oregon. Of course there are 75+ experienced (and over educated) applicants for every job so this could take a while.

Please contact me if you hear of a possibility.


The only event worth talking about here is the Thanksgiving get together.

Usually our get togethers are enjoyable and only a little noisy. But this year the dinner started looking like this.

Beautiful Thanksgiving Turkey
Beautiful wasn't it?

Which turned into this (this is not all that unusual actually).

Aftermath of Thanksgiving dinner
The effort was not in vain.

But cousin may our only vegetarian was treated like this. (Culprit was caught on film. Yes real film so it can be framed!)

The Stuffing of the Vegetarian
This will be remembered next year.

But this was also part of the mess to be cleaned up. Sigh a new generation is not quite grown up. And we never did this when I was growing up. We did things that we didn't get caught doing.

The Stuffing of the Vegetarian
This will be remembered the rest of their lives.
And beyond.


2015 was not a good year for me to travel between finishing off the degree and the beginning of the job hunt it wasn't until the bad weather had moved in before I wass ready to go somewhere.

So I thought i would ask foor suggestions as to where to go (Keep it polite!!!). and share the beginnings of a check list for a camping trip.

Please note: I have decided that I want to experiment with hammock and tarp camping without a tent.

Any suggestions or warnings from experienced hammockers?

Shopping List For Camping Trip
Item Brand Where to Buy How Many Cost Lead Time
Hammock Yukon Outfitters 1 $30.00 Have
Tarp Kelty 1 $70.00 Have
Tarp(backup) Any Amazon 1 $30.00 10 days
Quilt Enlighten EQ. Enlighten EQ. 1 $195.00 6 weeks
Sleeping Pad Walmart Blue Walmart 1 $20.00 1 day
Suggestions? ? ? ? ? ?

I Almost Forgot, here is where I want to go and what the campsites look like.

Driving directions map to Yellowbottom
This shows how to get there from Lebanon.
Yellowbottom camp site.
Yellowbottom Camp Site.



In other news, I finally did it!

I bought a drone and have started to take videos! More on this later, for now here is my latest footage.

You need have a desktop or small laptop to watch the video playing now.


This is where I acknowledge people and things that interested me or were important to me that died this year

Since my family managed to eke out another year I will list the three actors that most affeccted me that died in 2015.

Anne Meara in Nun costume. Wayne Rogers. Martin Milner
Nostalgia Time!!

First is Anne Meara half of a very funny duo, Meara and (Jerry)Stiller, who were in their heyday in the sixties.

Second is Wayne Rogers whose main claim to fame is playing Trapper John on M*A*S*H.

Third is Martin Milner who I remember from Adam-12.


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This is a listing of borrowed items and where I found them.

FileName Description Source Link
1rg1024-grass-XXXpx.png clipart of grass openclipart
klingon-baby.jpg Baby Klingon The Moment
tl-horizontal_mainwatermark.jpg Group of Children after food fight Crave
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TurkeyCarcuss.jpg Thanksgiving Turkey Carcass What's Cooking America
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YellowBottom-Campground.JPG Picture of a camping site at Yellowbottom Campgrounds of Oregon
LebanonOR-YellowbottomCreek-GoogleMaps.jpg Driving Directions to Yellowbottom Google Maps
anne-meara-0-restriced-lg.jpg Anne Mearra as a Num CNN
wayne-rogers-obit-medium.jpg Wayne Rogers CNN
martin-milner-med.jpg Martin Milner CNN