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58 years old recent graduate from OSU with a BA in History


I was raised here in Oregon but spent about 20 years in California, where I pumped gas, cashiered at convenience stores, drove for a freight company, and worked for a small computer VAR (value added reseller). While working for the VAR I programmed databases, installed networks, supported customers and etc. My programming skills are very rusty and outdated with my Computer Programming AS received from Lane Community College dating in 1982. Still, I try to keep up with what is the Latest and Greatest out of CES etc. and I do tinker with the interface on my computer. At this time, with Windows 10, that only means I am using Rainmeter to provide a icon based menu an track the computers performance. In the past I had replaced the Windows GUI sometimes by replacing the explorer shell but none of the current shells I like are in development or are compatible with Windows 10. In the future I intend to setup a Debian based file server which means I have to learn Linux. I guess it is nice to have a hobby?

Currently I plan on working towards a Masters in Library Science part time while working in a library. However the positions I am most interested in require people who have skills and/or knowledge in creating and maintaining web pages. Since most libraries do not have IT departments or positions the Libraians are the one to maintain the Libray's websites. So for me this is an attempt to become more valuable in the market.

Other than that I am babysitting a ferret, trying to stay warm, planning a camping trip or two using a hammock instead of a tent, and wishing the next Star Wars movie was scheduled to be released before May of 2017.

(P.S I still miss DOS sometimes)

Thomas Hansen - CIS195 Web Development I, T/R 8:00AM W2016 --- Instructor: Joe Paris ----- Feb 9, 2016

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