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I was born in southern california,at infancy I was brought to Eugene OR.

Through kindergarden and first grade I was living with my mom down in Eugene this led to us to moving, to Brownsville with my Grandparents and Aunts. While living in Brownsville I made life long friendships and enjoyed my school years 2-12. I acceled in reading, history and beig a teenager. I ended up being the Japanese cultural club president, the Gaming club co-founder, and the culinary club co-founder, I also had a very short term in student body office and sports, before I gave that up for more important things. like sleep, and gaming and running the club activities.

After high school my life changed drastically when I decided to pull up the big boy undies and move out into the wild, seriously, I found my roommates on craigslist and dropped the money before even moving in.

This proved to be beneficial because although I didnt know it at the time I made a really good friend who to this day mentors me on day to day life. While moving I was trying my first run at Linn benton community college (fall 2010). I failed out, moved back in with the folks, saved money and moved on my own again, this time to the bustling city of springfield. While here I made new friends, and got loads of work experience, I then tried out for Lane Community college, in their game development program, because of unforseen situations, I yet again had to drop out. moved back in with the folks, again. BUT! This time was different this time I had a serious girlfriend one who was encouraging me to go back. I ignored her, and worked off some debt through various jobs.

Then one day my best friend called, he offered us a place in Albany, cheap rent, he owned, we would be roomates, life was going to be awesome. it wasnt, we moved out before our friendship was ruined, then we found a beautiful apartment by campus (LBCC), we moved in, worked for about a year and both applied for school, now we are both full time students, I work at gamestop™ and she plays music on the weekend, we have two beautiful cats together and all friendships are intact,life is good! This is the time I finally get my degree!

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