As a quick aside, I checked my grades and noticed my scores for Assignments 3 and 4 were a zero. I think what happened is I uploaded them on time, but forgot to update my bio page to link to them. If that's the case, could you consider re-grading them? Thanks!

For Assignment 6, there is no happy talk, and the navigation is simple. There's a bar at the top that takes you to any chapter, and a link at the bottom of each page that takes you to the next chapter. The bar at the top lets you know what chapter you're on. These locations and pretty standard, basic conventions.

Each page on Assignment 6 is clearly labeled and up front. It's very clear where you are and what that page is. The heading of the page matches the thing you clicked (i.e. Chapter 2).

There's a home link on my bio page to start fresh from the top. I'm planning on reorganizing all of that and implementing more of Krug's advice as soon as I can get some solid time to play with it after I finish getting over the flu.