Kevin Allstot

I’m here at LBCC doing some post-graduate work to get a degree in Network Systems Administration. I received my Bachelor of Arts in English from Oregon State in 2013. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find work in my chosen profession so I decided to further my education. Before English, I was a Computer Science major. I completed most of the first year requirements, but I decided that programming would probably take up too much of my life. The long, brutal hours didn’t appeal to me. So I switched to something else I loved instead.

I’m currently on a quest of self-improvement. I’m doing quite well at it, if I do say so myself. It’s a lifestyle choice, one that I want to reflect in all aspects of my life. Because of this, my focus for this class should be quite sharp. I’m looking forward to learning a lot, relearning some (I used to write webpages in notepad way back in the 90's), and maybe helping some other people learn as well.

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